– Fix ryujinx feature injection
– Fix mame standalone ratio not working (disable keepaspectratio when ratio forced in features)
– Fix artwork path for mame standalone to align with libretro:mame path
– Fix bezels for libretro:dolphin wii system and put libretro:dolphin in 16/9 aspect ratio by default (for wii only)
– Fix BigPemu template to avoid error message when running jaguarcd titles for the first time
– Fix FBNEO hardcore retroachievements mode by disabling “allow-patched-roms” when hardcore is enabled
– Fix dolphin gamepad button inversion missing for X and Y (only A & B were reversed)
– Fix once and for all pcsx2 multiple screen…(cross-fingers)
– Fix use of Gamecube adapter for dolphin standalone
– Fix missing features for demul-old (user for gaelco)
– set default settings in retrobat.ini in case of invalid or null value
– Align dolphin HD texture pack with libretro:dolphin, this means the custom texture packs must be placed in \saves\gamecube\User\Load\Textures
– Fix libretro:mame per-game button remap naming
– Fix usage of .uae files for WinUAE
– Align Citra-QT sdmc and nand path with libretro:citra path
– Fix Bios check for atomiswave
– Fix vita3k vsync feature
– Fix missing CXBX language feature (same as XEMU)
– Fix missing .m3u extension for Sega-CD


– fix canonball system in ES system list (avoid duplicating “Ports” category)
– Fix game video in grid mode too small when in gamelist
– Fix HFSDB scraping delay issue
– Fix music volume issue after screensaver when volume set to 0
– Rename “Game focus” feature to “Keyboard focus” and make it available only for computer cores
– smooth transition from splashscreen to the interface
– Add preview images in RetroBat download store
– Hide console when running MAME and Ryujinx

Updates of emulators\cores

– Bump duckstation (and addition of RetroAchievements)
– Add mgba for gb, gbc and sgb
– Add WinUAE also for amigacdtv
– Bump libretro:ppsspp
– Bump libretro:vice_xpet
– Bump ppsspp emulator
– Add OpenMSX for MSX & colecovision (with support of SGM roms for colecovision and MSX laserdiscs)
– Add Zaccaria Pinball (steam only)

New misc stuff

– Add MSX turbo R system in MSX group
– Add GP32 to MESS systems
– Add gun support (1 player only) for pcsx2 and duckstation – compatible with guns that emulate mouse (e.g. wiimotes)
– Add features for BBC Micro to select Joystick type (mame & libretro:mame)
– Add features for TI99 (speech module and 32k ram) (mame & libretro:mame)
– Add possibility for FmTowns to load a floppy in addition to a cdrom
– Add ramsize feature for fmtowns (mame & libretro:mame)
– Add -multimouse command line feature for mame standalone
– Add option to play with more than 2 players in nosgba (3 and 4 players)
– Added values injected in rpcs3 (exit emulator when game finishes + prevent display sleep when playing)
– Add archimedes bios check & missing models
– Add StOoz zone & disable fullscreen features to Teknoparrot
– Actionmax is now a separate system (not integrated with Daphne anymore)
– Add feature to enable discord integration (for compatible systems)
– Add automatic controller configuration mechanism in RetroBat interface if controller is known in SDL database (NOTE! ==> this will delete your personal controller configuration in RetroBat)
– Add mgba features
– Add features to ryujinx and yuzu (docked mode, language…)
– Add language feature to RPCS3
– Add touchscreen pointer option for libretro:citra
– Add padtokey to mugen
– Add m3u multi-disk support to GSPlus (Apple2GS)

Dev stuff

– RetroBat.exe cleanup and enhancements
– Cleanup es_padtokey file
– Refactorization of yuzu options injection
– Review of language detection for some standalone emulators
– Changed method of searching EBOOT.BIN file for ps3 games



– Fixed A and B (south and east) button inversion when configuring a controller in EmulationStation
– Fixed OpenBOR controls injection
– Fix .tzx extension for ZXSpectrum (was incorrectly set in es_systems file)
– Fix duckstation memcards path setting (path was duplicated)
– Fix Retroarch device type injection using remaps (might consequently fix some device type injection for RetroArch cores)
– Fix snes9x features (audio interpolation values were wrong)
– Fix yuzu renderer selection (was always forced to vulkan)
– Fix yuzu motion not working
– Fix XEMU dvd_path issue for newer versions
– Fix RetroAchievements popups not displaying in first beta version
– Fix monitor index / bezels for pcsx2-QT (tentative, might not be completely solved yet)
– Fix missing ‘disableautocontrollers’ option for Supermodel (model3)
– Removed non-working .zip & .7z extensions from gba2players system
– Fix NEOCD default BIOS (CD-Z instead of UNIVERSE BIOS), improves load speed
– Fix cemu controllers (added feature to select controller type for player 1 and 2 as some games accept only 1 gamepad and some others require only pro controllers), also added options to use Real Wiimotes (with dolphinbar)

Additional cores, emulators, systems

– jaguarCD with BigPEmu
– Commodore PET (vice_xpet)
– Commodore CPlus/4 (vice_xplus4)
– Cannonball (outrun libretro port)
– wasm-4 (fantasy console)
– Atari XE Game System (mame – mess)
– Coleco Adam (mame- mess)
– Acorn Archimedes (mame – mess)
– Acrorn ATOM (mame – mess)
– emuscv core for scv system
– NO$GBA for GBA system
– libretro:parallel_n64 added to n64dd system (compatible with .ndd full NDD games only, not extensions)
– bump mame to 0.253
– bump rpcs3
– bump scummvm (standalone & core) to 2.7.1


– Add features for following emulators : nosgba, RPCS3, PCSX2 (resolutions & precaching of custom textures), Teknoparrot, xemu, yuzu, dolphin-triforce, dolphin, xenia (language), scummvm, cemu (controllers), mame standalone, bigpemu
– Add features for following cores : pokemini, picodrive, ppsspp, prosystem, puae, potator, bsnes & bsnes_hd_beta, quasi88, prboom, px68k, craft, swanstation, mrboom, stella & stella2014, same_cdi, sameduck, RACE, 81, vecx, TGBDual, vice (all vice cores), tyrquake, desmume, melonds, opera, 4do, a5200, pcsx_rearmed, parallel_n64, mgba, atari800, crocoDS, citra, caprice32, bluemsx, desmume, desmume 2015, dosbox-pure, handy, mame2003
– Added selection of softlist, media type and machine type for MESS systems (in libretro:mame and mame64)
– Add feature in Yuzu, Ryujinx to invert face buttons to match XboX controller layout
– Add custom textures feature for citra
– Add option to rotate screen in FinalBurn cores and flycast (TATE mode)
– Add option to select controller type in multiple cores (advanced settings>controls)


– Dolphin Load/ResourcePacks paths moved to \bios\dolphin-emu instead of \emulators\dolphin\user
– Inject hotkeys in pcsx2 & dolphin emulators
– Controllers injection : better detection of controller index through activation of SDL HINTs
– Added extensions : .chd (fmtowns), .hdf (AMIGA systems), .rpk (ti99), .dsk (coco), .nib (c64)
– Daphne : no need to use Windows Developer mode anymore for Hypseus
– Triforce : removed constant update check for those wanting to try latest triforce emulator
– BIOS check: bump ps3 bios check to 4.90 version, added Color Computer bioses, added apple2gs bios
– Add RETROBAT identification to default ambiance decorations pictures (bezels)
– Updated RetroArch recordings folder to \retrobat\records
– Improved bezel search logic (for game-specific bezels)
– Updated systems logos in RetroBat system menu
– New feature : turbo button (on FCEUMM core only for now)
– MESS system grouping review
– Correction of platforms in es_systems.cfg
– add guns option to mesen core
– New “cheats” folder for cheats (used for RetroArch and PCSX2) : \retrobat\cheats
– Bump to dokan2 for XBOX iso mount
– new pcsx2-qt.exe compatibility (for these who want to upgrade to latest nightly pcsx2.exe)
– Added retroachievements sound customization



– PinballFX3 generator now launching directly tables
– Fix crash when 2 identical controllers were connected
– Fix cps1 and cps2 features mix-up
– Fix unability to quit some emulators with HOTKEY + START because of game focus option automatically set to on
– Fixed rpcs3 joystick axis inversion for XInput and Dualshocks
– Fixed yuzu controller configuration to add possibility to choose joystick type
– Fix some shaders not working with model2
– fix RetroBat not displaying on second monitor issue
– fix missing PCSX2 feature “skip bios”
– fix pcsx2 memcards path
– fix ES navigation in vertical mode (L1 / R1 usage)


– possibility to run pcsx2 in bigpicture mode
– add cycle_exact feature for winuae
– add actionmax support to daphne/Hypseus
– add language selection for Wii


– Some cleaning of unused code and typo errors corrections
– Removed libretro:redream from Dreamcast emulators list
– Removed no$GBA from GBA system


New system

– PS Vita

New features

– Xenia / Xenia-Canary (Xbox 360) (including controllers database for controller management)
– Commodore 64
– cemu (WiiU)
– Swanstation (psx)
– Supermodel (model3)
– Dosbox
– yuzu (switch)
– ryujinx (switch)
– picodrive (Sega)
– citra (3DS)
– dolphin (gamecube/Wii)
– demul (Sega Arcade)
– ScummVM
– Retroachievements on cap32 (Amstrad)
– Retroachievements on PS2 (with PCSX2-QT)
– Add Game Focus feature for keyboard systems (disables RetroArch hotkeys to prevent interference with game control)
– Add service menu feature for atomiswave (flycast core)
– Better handling of controls for fuse core (ZXSpectrum)
– Roland mt-32 now added to DosBox


– same_cdi
– Update prosystem core (atari 7800)


– Vita3K
– PCSX2 updated to QT version
– Phoenix for 3DO & Jaguar
– BigPEmu for Jaguar
– Oricutron reworked for RetroBat
– Applewin reworked for RetroBat


– updated BIOS checks (neoCD, same_cdi, scummvm (audio))
– mame core usage for oric/atmos
– Controller autoconfiguration for Dolphin, Yuzu, Ryujinx, RPCS3, Supermodel, Citra & PCSX2-QT
– Addition of bezels & shaders with reshade for some standalone emulators (model2, Supermodel, BigPEmu, oricutron, daphne/Hypseus, Applewin, OpenBor, Mednafen, Simcoupe, GSPlus, ScummVM, Demul, Phoenix)
– Bump SDL to 2.26 and major rework on the way controllers are handled (for better autoconfiguration in future releases)
– New JSON library methods for better handling systems using json configuration file
– scummvm (standalone + libretro) and DosBox pure now accessible from RetroBat menu
– Correction & additions of mega-bezels
– Multiple fixes (pcsx2 paths, mesen fullscreen start, demul dreamcast game loading, m3u usage for dolphin standalone, 7zip games now working for netplay & retroachievements, Retroachievements sign for grouped systems in EmulationStation, FMTowns scraping, Xenia download & licence_mask fix, keyboard A & B inversion fix, and many more…)


New systems

– Adventure Vision
– amiga 4000
– apfm1000
– Arcadia 2001
– Astrocade
– BBC micro
– Camputers Lynx
– Philips CD-I
– Color Computer
– CreatiVision
– FM 7
– Gamate
– Game Pocket Computer
– GameBoy Advance 2 players
– Game Master
– LCD Games
– Megadrive-msu
– Mega-Duck
– Neo-Geo 64
– PV-1000
– Super Cassette Vision
– Super Game Boy
– Super A’Can
– TI-99
– Tomy Tutor
– TV Games
– VSmile

New features

– New Retrobat integrated Updater & Emulators download/update functionnality
– New content downloader
– Add incremental savestate support
– Add support for lightguns and Wiimote Guns, new lightgun games collection and removal of “lightgun” rom folder
– Sinden Lightgun support
– Duimon’s Mega-Bezel pack support
– Support of zipped roms decompression
– Add image viewer to Retrobat
– Autodetection of best mame version when set to auto
– XInput drivers for libretro
– Add: support for Retroachievements “Challenge” indicator
– New integrated features of various cores and emulators options


– a5200
– fbalpha (current)
– fceumm
– gearcoleco
– imageviewer
– mame2000
– mame2010
– swanstation


– 3DSen (emulator not provided)
– Hypseus (fork of Daphne)
– no$gba (gba 2 players)
– pcsx2 1.7 SSE4 and AVX2 versions
– pcsx2 1.6 version moved to pcsx2-16 folder (pcsx2 folder used for 1.7 version)
– PinballFX3 (through Steam integration)
– ScummVM
– Yuzu early access


– moved all bioses to \bios folder and updated bios list md5 checks
– Add new music theme “2080 – Nerd To Geek -EP- – Extra Life” Thank’s to 2080 !!
– New version of Batgui.exe (not all functionalities have been ported yet)
– Group system features into submenus in Retrobat advanced configuration menu
– Option to invert A and B buttons
– Removed arcade system, replaced with individual system folders
– 64dd folder renamed n64dd
– New SDL version
– Additional features directly accessible from Retrobat to avoid setting up the features in the emulators (PS3, PS2, Yuzu, scummvm, dolphin, …. and many others)


– New Website
– New Wiki


– fix missing logo for Nintendo 64DD in Carbon Theme
– fix Supermodel.ini for Supermodel emulator (Model3) to use proper mapping for controllers
– fix MAME standalone binary mispelling
– add missing script to enable update detection
– Add mame2016 Libretro core for Arcade systems
– Add bsnes Libretro core for Sufami and GameBoy systems
– Update BatGui
– Bump RetroArch to v1.9.6
– Update Libretro cores
– Update Duckstation
– Update Cemu
– Update RPCS3


New systems

– Apple II gs (Gsplus).
– FM-Towns (Tsugaru & MAME64).
– Oric Atmos (Oricutron).
– Sharp X1 (Retroarch).
– EasyRPG (Retroarch).
– Tyrquake (Retroarch).
– Tic80. (Retroarch).
– Teknoparrot.
– Flash Player. (Thanks to AureyoBoss)
– Löve.
– Pico8 (retro8 et pico8).
– Add Supervision (Retroarch).
– Add Channel-F (Retroarch).

New features

– Addition of a Gui ‘BatGui’ to facilitate the use of the Retrobat.ini + other features) Thank you Reppa.
– Redefining Controls
– Random intro video.
– Automatic execution when Windows starts.
– Activation / Deactivation of the autoconfiguration of the controllers by system and not more than global.
– Model2 / Model3: Reshader management (Supermodel & Model2emu).
– Model2 / Model3: Added support for bezels (Supermodel & Model2emu).
– Dolphin: Added support for bezels (Standalone).
– FM-Towns: Added support for bezels (Tsugaru).
– AppleII gs: Added support for bezels (Gsplus).
– PS2: Added support for bezels. (PCSX2 Standalone).
– Neo.Geo CD: Added support for shaders (Raine).
– Neo.Geo: Added support for shaders (Raine).
– New Save State “Slot” system (Retroarch).
– Automatic language detection on EmulationStation and Retroarch.
– Added new options for the NETPLAY.
– Addition of background music. (* .mp3 & * .ogg)
– Added shuffle video playback on startup.
– Added DuckStation (Standalone) (Playstation)
– Added Kodi multimedia Player.
– Added Kega-Fusion emulator (Standalone)
– Added MAME64 standalone.
– Added support for RyujinX (Standalone) (Switch)
– Added WINUAE standalone. (Amiga)
– Addition of the pure Dosbox core (DOS) (Retroarch)
– Addition of the MESEN emulator (nes)
– Added RetroAchievment
– Addition of the PADTOKEY function (A kind of Xpadder / JoyToKey integrated into ES)
– Added XEMU emulator (Xbox)
– Addition of a user manual directly accessible from Retrobat (ES)
– New integrated RetroBat update system
– New settings options on EmulationStation for:


citra (3ds)
dosbox pure (dos)
flycast (dreamcast, naomi, atomiswave)
gambatte (gameboy, gameboy color)
genesis plus gx (master system, megadrive, megacd)
genesis plus gx wide(screen) (master system, megadrive, megacd, 32x)
mame2003 plus
mednafen psx hw (ps1)
pcsx rearmed (ps1)
mednafen saturn (saturn)
mesen (nes)
mupen64plus (n64)
pcsx rearmed (ps1)
potator (supervision)
ppsspp (psp)
picodrive (master system, megadrive, megacd, 32x)
snes9x (super nes, super nes msu 1)
fbneo (arcade, neogeo, neogeo cd)
kronos (saturn)
puae (amiga)


raine (neogeo, neogeo cd)
pcsx2 (ps2)
dolphin (gamecube, wii, wad)
duckstation (ps1)
daphne (laserdisc)
supermodel (model3)


– Update of standalone emulators.
– Upgrade to RetroArch 1.9.5
– The roms folder “n3ds” becomes “3ds”
– The “Model2” games must be in the “roms\model2” folder and not “roms\model2\roms”
– Yuzu: Auto-fullscreen re-works on new versions of Yuzu.
– Dolphin Standalone: Added missing buttons on auto-config (L & R).
– Added support for “.ps3” files as on Batocera (experimental).
– Cave Story: Added support for the * .exe extension (Retroarch).
– Several minor fixes.